Cross-Platform experiences


Working Smarter to get more from the same time slot.

Data Recovery

This is not as frequent as it used to be, but it still happens. Hard Drives Store your data  on Workstation PCs or Server PCs. When these hard disks develop problems that can mean losing your data. We provide a data recovery service that has saved the day for some of our customers. It may well help you too!

Design, Build & Host Websites

A website represents  your company in showcasing your products and services to current customers as well as future customers. Simply put, its your online brochure to the world.  A website carries your message 24 hours a day, and is available to anyone searching for your  kind of products and services... Our team can assist you, so...

Office 365 Assistance

Office 365 Gives you flexibility in that you can can use any device to access and use your data. The devices supported are a  desktop PC, a Laptop PC, an Android Tablet or Android Smartphone or IOS iPads or iPhones.  You can be productive from any location using any device listed above  to access and use your data. We are here to help ... if this is something you are considering.